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The news is a dumpster fire



There’s no need to impress you with data or evidence – everyone knows it’s a dumpster fire.

The algorithms that dictate what you see on social media have made it so that our newsfeeds are full of endless amounts of trash content, sensational hot takes and news that’s not relevant to most people.

Some people fe d up with social media have turned to news apps like Apple News or Flipboard to stay informed. But those products are also incentivized to clickbait the hell out of you and just force the same garbage content on you in a slightly better experience.

Other people might try to cut through the noise of social media and apps by turning to one particular news outlet. They place trust in their preferred site to curate a better experience for them. But the truth is any single news brand, especially in this increasingly partisan world, is going to end up injecting bias into their coverage, whether through story selection or framing. That means you’re getting an incomplete and slanted perspective on the news.

And while conservative media has been a needed voice of balance against the excesses of the mainstream press (ahem, cough “wokeness”), even people who consider themselves “on the right” (like us), know it has’s got a lot of the same problems.

Is the solution for someone to create a new media brand then? No. The world doesn’t need more content. Too much content is the problem.

News consumers need two things:

  1. News delivered in a short, clean and organized format
  2. Context

What we will do for you:

For $1/month, we’ll do the work of finding the most impactful and talked about news and deliver it to you in a neat package that’s easy and fast to read 5x/week. Our product will have just enough information for you to both understand what’s going on and figure out if you want to read more.

That article from POLITICO that really riled up the GOP. A Wall Street Journal data visual sparking conversations about whether America is off course. What the conventional wisdom is on the impact a top Biden cabinet official’s departure will have on the administration – As a news consumer, these are the things you need to know.

We’ll find these impactful stories for you and give you an idea of what the conversation is around them. That saves you the aggravation of slogging through Twitter. 

That saves you:

  • The aggravation of slogging through Twitter.
  • The disappointment of getting duped by clickbait push notifications.
  • From slipping into an echo chamber.
  • From more content the world doesn’t need.

Why $1? Because ads are horrible